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30 August 2010 @ 01:18 am
it's official. my summer's over. tomorrow is the start of my frosh week for uni and i'm moving downtown in a few days. boy how fast this summer's gone by! here's to nerves and excitement!

on a sad note, I just found out a friend of mine passed away a few days ago while I was on vacation. I was never really close to her, but she was a best friend of one of my closest friends. any time I spent with her was always lovely. RIP to a young beautiful girl, inside and out. IMY.

now onto a much lighter note...
I just came back from New York City a few days ago... always a pleasure visiting such a crazy busy city haha. this time, it was mad attraction visiting since my past visits have mostly been for shopping and broadway shows. from the MET to MOMA , Rockefeller to Empire State, King Tut to Bodies exhibits, Soho to Times Square, and much to much much more, I don't think I've ever walked so much! Thank goodness for the insanely complicated subway system and metro card that successfully brought me around everywhere. But I must say, the highlight was none other than Wicked. I've been a musical goer ever since I was a little girl, spoiled by my parents and my arts schools. right when Wicked first came out in 2003, coincidentally while on a coach bus ride to watch a Stratford musical, my friends were belting out all the songs. unfortunately for me, I hadn't had the chance to watch it, and the next thing i knew, months had passed and it's run had left Toronto. nevertheless, I bought the soundtrack and diligently memorized the songs, though I had no idea what context everything was in. So you can't imagine how amazing it was to finally see all these tunes fit together to tell such an extraordinary story on stage with such a mindblowing performance! and to see it on broadway too! it is happily returning to Toronto again this october so hopefully I can see it for a second time, but wow am I amazed by Mandy Gonzalez and Katie Rose Clarke! I stand by those who forever believe that Idina Menzel was the best original Elphaba, and that Kristin Chenoweth was the best original Glinda. I do agree, judging by the soundtrack and what i've youtubed lol. But Gonzalez and Clarke added their own sparks to these characters that made them just so perfect as well. alright, I can go on forever praising Wicked, but that's what my physical real life journal's for ;)

anyway, before I left for NY, I did put together a real short r/k video, so as usual, here it is :) this will probably be one of the last ones that i might make in a short while since i'll be busy moving in and adjusting to uni. hopefully it wont be my very last just yet though!

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18 July 2010 @ 03:58 pm
here I am, right in the midst of summer :) haven't done much lately, mostly been sleeping, shopping, and watching movies, you know, just the typical 'i have nothing to do this summer' life. not much planned for the rest of the summer besides hopefully a road trip to montreal, a week in cali, my friend's pageant final, lots of girls nights and a bunch of movie dates ;) here's to hoping my list gets much much longer soon!

been reading lots too. recently finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which was simply amazing. can't imagine how well written it was in swedish! I admit it freaked the hell outta me since I read most of it around 2am a few days ago, but it sure kept me hooked. watched the movie too which I thought was done brilliantly. I know hollywood's planning a remake, but I honestly think the swedish one is perfect and I don't see the need to remake it so soon. most of us are all capable of reading subtitles or listening to dubbed versions anyway. plus, Niels Arden Oplev did a perfect casting job in his film which I'm sure will be hard to top.

anyway, I made another R/K fanvid the other day. didn't spend too much time on it so it's definitely not the best. either way, still a pleasure to share it :) here ya go!

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10 June 2010 @ 08:50 pm
haven't posted here since the olympics! definitely been swamped these past few months with school and university deadlines. there's just a few more days before I'm finally on summer break, and graduated! a few days til my arts program graduation and 3 weeks til commencement :) can't believe I'm almost done!
also signed the lease for the place I'll be staying in next year :) so excited to be living downtown after having lived in the suburbs all my life!

anyway, for some reason I just couldn't fall asleep last night so I decided to FINALLY make another r/k video. I know its been awhile and I do apologize to those I promised so many times that i would update. after my finals next week, I'll be sure to start another vid to make up for the few months I've been gone :) and this time, I'll try my best to keep this promise ;D

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21 February 2010 @ 05:43 pm
oh gosh, my current Olympics obsession: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir <3
Their ice dancing is flawlessly beautiful... can't wait to watch their original dance tonight!
How gorgeous is she?! and even with the glitches, my Canadian pride is still stronger than ever :)

And as a dedication during a hard time for many of us,
here's a video made in memory of an amazing friend and r/k shipper, Gauge Richards.
You shone a light in so many of our lives bb. We miss you.

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30 December 2009 @ 04:17 pm
ohmy. 2010 is just around the corner! it also means that my winter break is almost over and university applications/school exams are what i'm going to have to focus on. how lovely. so of course before the break was to come to an end, i HAD to make another fanvid :)
i was originally planning to make one for Christmas.. but clearly that didn't hapen...
so here's a belated Christmas/Holiday & New Years present for my amazing shipper friends :) (guess its my last vid for 2009 as well!)

knowing i will forget to post on Jan1, HAPPY NEW YEAR BBS!
Here's to celebrating an amazing year of Robsten

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15 November 2009 @ 08:07 pm
...a new Robsten Fanvid :)
totally should have gone to national portfolio day today.. but well my portfolio's not complete yet anywayy..
and this coming week looks like it's gonna be crazy stressful, so mind as well make a fanvid before the pics continue to pile up! of course i still havent made a vid with the gorgeous Harpers Bazaar photoshoot, and that is coming... i promise, just wanted to use the press pics & vids first :) anyway here it is!
oh just gotta say this, the song is "Beside You" by Marianas Trench and its just absolutely beautiful! here goes to Canadian pride ;P <3

30 September 2009 @ 07:20 pm
youtube really darn sucks with all the audio muting and video disabling cause of the music. i mean i swear 80% of people go on yt just to listen to music. geeez. thank gawd WMG is soon gonna allow their music on yt again.. just hope it happens fast. well anyway made a new short R/K vid. its really more just on rob and kris individually lol but since they're a packaged deal... its still a robsten vid ;) but youtube disabled the video the first 2 times i uploaded so i had to make a short intro to prevent it from a happening again.. but of course it did again. so i had to go risk my account and dispute it LOL so the video's up for now. but no clue if they dispute claim will be passed. keeping my fingers crossed! 
anyway here's the vid :) shall make a REAL r/k vid soon. i promise :)
24 August 2009 @ 04:15 pm
there's exactly 2 more weeks of summer for me.. which is actually stressing me out, cause im honestly not looking forward to senior year ;P
actually, im excited bout prom (which we only have for seniors over here), grad and the whole 'last year of hs' thing but the part where uni applications are gonna be due and how all my finals are gonna count.. is just killing me. lol AND the SAT test date is only just over a month away. damnit. i should really be studying for that lol. but because its summer, im just bumming around.. rewatching tv seasons.. and i decided today to rewatch one tree hill o.o it did not occur to me that there were 6 seasons i'd have to go through again though.. lol but what the hell.. im already finished the 1st .. so jut 5 more to go! LOL hopefully i'll finish in time for the 7th ;P

okay so rewatching it REALLY makes me miss Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush <3 they were so cute! like another Rachel/Ryan for me lol but of course they would never top Robsten ;) but still... just look at them <3 haha screw chad's oth cheerleader extra fiance lol

ANYWAY havent posted my newest Robsten fanvid yet! so here it is, if anyone's interested & who hasnt seen it posted at other comms... under the cut so i dont have to rape your friends pages :)

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29 July 2009 @ 06:52 pm
so bbs. i doubt anyone looks at my journal. but im friggen pissed right now.

if you havent read the statement from Rachelle yet, read it HERE
and her tweet: Thank you for all your support!! I love you guys. My full statement is available for viewing at www.accesshollywood.com

SO IM ASKING ALL OF YOU NOW to PLEASE SIGN these petitions to KEEP RACHELLE! "those ppl" did something SO rude, inconsiderate, cold and so inhumane. she doesnt deserve it at all. how can you fire someone, but have them find out through the FRIGGEN MEDIA! WTF
so SIGN THEM NOW. and if you have twitter! please keep retweeting #BringBackRachelle!
we're on TRENDING TOPICS ! but we have to get to No.1 and STAY THERE! 

Sign the petitions now! It's about time us fans were heard. i mean they had me on the edge with Robsten, but now with Rachelle.. they CROSSED IT.
We want Rachelle in Eclipse
Let Rachelle keep the role of Victoria
Rachelle Lefevre in Twilight Saga: Eclipse YES


21 July 2009 @ 01:10 pm
   hmm not sure if anyone reads my lj LOL but gonna go with this either way :)

so Lia and I have created a new comm for Robsten AND Lafox shippers! yes i know. HOT is all i gotta say. haha so first to make this clear,  in no way are we trying to replace or take from other shipping comms! we LOVE all the comms we're a part of and will continue to be active! we're not leaving! we just thought it'd be cool to bring together two hot ships :D

so here goes, i present to yourobsten_lafox

come and JOIN :) we'd love to have you!